Many exploration solutions are catered to address client’s problems and could be a mix of few of the following. A full detail of any of these services is provided separately:

GEOLOGICAL AND GEOPHYSICAL INTERPRETATION AND PROSPECT GENERATION  Geological/Geophysical Evaluation of a block from grid balancing, seismic data interpretation, well log analysis, synthetics and mapping to complete prospect generation using many of advanced tools.
ROCK PHYSICS AND AVO MODELING Pre-stack and post-stack synthetic modeling to understand the AVO feasibility and the seismic fidelity required to detect these reservoirs. Fluid substitution and Log prediction through Rock Physics.
POST-STACK INVERSION Deterministic and Stochastic Inversion with Spectral Blueing.
PRE-STACK SIMULTANEOUS INVERSION FOR AVO/LMR Mapping the lithology and fluids for conventional and unconventional plays.
MULTI-ATTRIBUTE FAULT/FRACTURE ANALYSIS  Neural Network Fault Cube, Similarity, Dip Attributes and Volume Curvature Analysis;

PORE PRESSURE PREDICTION identification of anomalous subsurface pressures using pre- and post-stack velocity inversion;
HYDROCARBON MIGRATION AND FAULT/SEAL ANALYSIS Neural Network Chimney Cube, Fault Cube and Stress Orientation Analysis.
PRE-STACK AVAz AND VVAZ Fracture Orientation and Strength through Gradient Analysis of azimuth preserved gathers.
SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY Horizon Cube, Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation and Seismic Wheeler Transform to map the depositional history.
SEISMIC GEOMORPHOLOGY Neural Network Waveform Facies and Spectral Decomposition associated with edge detection attributes to highlight the subsurface geomorphology.
2D/3D LAND AND MARINE PROCESSING On-site and in-house; time and depth processing for any type of environment; 2D and 3D data merge; 2D and 5D interpolation; multi-component; AVO-compliant; Qc.
OPERATIONS GEOLOGY Local team with worldwide experience, providing services of wellsite geology, core supervision, sample lab analysis, on-site XRF, petrography, and geosteering.

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