GridWorld focuses on developing software for constructing geological models. It is dedicated to being an industry leading provider of advanced technology related to structural earth modeling. This technology allows users in the oil and gas industry build accurate geological models, simulate subsurface physical processes, and analyze the results. GridWorld has offices in Beijing, Nanjing and Houston. The core Research and Development team in GridWorld has diverse backgrounds of talents that include, computer science and geoscience and is constantly creating new innovative technology to meets all the challenges for the users.
DepthInsight® geomodeling software products possess unparalleled
geological modeling ability to process various complex geological
structures, which lays a solid foundation for achieving reliability of
kinds of specialty analysis and simulations in fields of geological
exploration and oil and gas production.
The full suite of DepthInsight® geomodeling software products
includes structural modeling, velocity and attribute modeling, reservoir
modeling, paleo-structural restoration, geomechanics analysis and
Enourmos Modeling.

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